Dynamic Speaker Empowering Female Driven Organizations to Thrive!

I’m Shampaigne Graves, and I’m on a mission to ignite the spark of greatness within every woman. I firmly believe that each of us possesses the power to achieve remarkable things, and I’m dedicated to helping women in business tap into boundless potential.

A Catalyst for Inspiration

Inspiration is my fuel, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to spark that fire within others. Whether through my words, my experiences, or my unwavering belief in your capabilities, I’m here to motivate you to step into your brilliance.

Building a Supportive Community

I stand by the power of community and mutual support. Lifting one another is how we all rise higher. As an advocate of women’s progress, I’m committed to standing by your side through every step of your journey.

Credentials that Speak Volumes

With a strong foundation in education and a passion for empowerment, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table:

Speaking Topics That Ignite Transformation! Ready to take your aspirations to the next level?
Join me as I dive into topics that are designed to elevate your entrepreneurial journey:

A Trailblazer Recognized and Celebrated

My commitment to empowering women and transforming lives has led to honors and opportunities, including:

  • Keynote Speaker at Business Lounge Dallas
  • Keynote Speaker at Inspire U Fest
  • Dallas Professional Women’s “Woman of the Week” in 2020
  • TV Guest on Courtney Benson Property Group
  • Keynote Speaker at The Girl Cave Business Tribe
  • Panelist on The Girl Cave’s #WorthaLook Live Talk Show
  • Keynote Speaker at Bright Girl Media’s 2020 Business Summit
  • Career Speaker at Junior Achievement in Dallas
  • Keynote Speaker at Girls Inc
  • Keynote Speaker at The Holistic Festival of Life
  • Keynote Speaker at Dallas Startup Week Startup Funding Speaker Preview Series
  • Workshop Facilitator at Dallas Startup Week Branding and Marketing Track


JJ Mahoney
JJ Mahoney@jjmahoney
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The knowledge and insights I gained from just a few hours with Shampaigne were invaluable. In fact, I would have willingly paid 10k for such high-quality training. Her dedication to her students' success was evident, as she provided personalized attention and continued support beyond the class.
Zoe Martin
Zoe Martin@zoemartin
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When I signed up to hear Shampaigne speak at DPW, Dallas Professional Women, today, I had opted to go to the second half of the day - thinking I already knew what was going to be addressed in the first half. Well, when I showed up and heard her speak, I completely regretted making that decision. She shared very insightful suggestions with the attendees. I even got a little emotional thinking about how much I had missed by not participating sooner.
Irum Rasid-Jones
Irum Rasid-Jones@irumrashidjones
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Shampaigne consistently brings the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to events! Her delivery is timely, fun, fresh, and her ideas are unique! If you're looking for someone to champion your event, bring that energy of excitement and positivity - Shampaigne is your solution!

Let's Connect and Transform Together

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation, growth, and empowerment? Let’s connect, learn, and grow together. Join me as we harness the power within you and set your dreams in motion. Together, we’re unstoppable.

Empoweringly yours,