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Done for you marketing strategy, systems, and management for online businesses.

Are you struggling with any of the following?

Trap 1

You’re trying your luck on different social media platforms by throwing hundreds of dollars into ad campaigns…without a clear strategy to determine their success.

Trap 2

You’re confused and questioning why your marketing strategies fail to bring any sales to your business.

Trap 3

You don’t have funnels or automated customer journeys mapped out for your products or services.

Trap 4

You try to scale your business and work your campaigns by using ‘hacks’ and ‘tricks’ instead of creating a long-term marketing strategy tailored for your business.

Trap 5

You’ve hired marketing specialists and you’re exhausted with telling them what you want; While managing them and your marketing strategy.

You need the RIGHT partner to help you build your vision.

Here’s a few ways Shampaigne could help you…

Looking for someone who knows ALL about marketing, so you don't have to learn?

This is where I come in!

Hi, I’m Shampaigne. In my six years of working as a marketing strategist and entrepreneur. I’ve helped dozen of struggling businesses generate revenues through my marketing strategies and systems. 

As your personal part time Chief Marketing Officer, it is my job to create a marketing system, strategy, and team that helps you do more of what you love in your business. While you’re out there doing what you actually want to do for your business you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your marketing efforts are being taken care of. 

In short I’ll be wearing a lot of hats in your business. 


  • Building Marketing Funnels
  • Mapping out Organic and Paid Marketing Systems
  • Writing Landing and Sales Page Copy
  • Crafting Outreach Methods and Messaging 
  • Creating Sales Scripts
  • Hiring and Managing Marketing Specialists and Agencies
  • Conducting CEO Vision Planning Sessions

Stories & Video Testimonials

Below you can read the stories of a few business owners who have worked
with me in the last 6 years and hear their experiences.

Ro Simmons

Business Lounge Dallas

Ro needed to expand quickly, or she would lose the momentum she had established with her clients who were looking for more physical space.
Ro knew that she didn’t want to spend her own money to expand the space, and equity share wasn’t an option. So, she launched a crowdfunding campaign that started to become stagnant. After discussing the concerns of possibly not reaching the fundraising goal with Ro, we launched a successful event marketing campaign for her that boosted the funding and helped her reach her goal.
Hear more about our collaborative process from Ro Simmons

Lana Manikowski

Stitch Coaching

In our initial session, I dreamt with Lana about where she wanted her business to take her, and then we created a development plan that would allow us to get there. With a mixture of strategy and funnel creation, Lana figured out quickly that her ideal client was as multi-faceted as she was and worked together to build marketing campaigns that spoke directly to them.
Hear more about our collaborative process from Lana

Sabrina Bier

R Squared Marketing Solutions

Sabrina, just like many other professionals, didn’t know how to build or work an automated sales funnel. We created an online system for her that mimicked her offline closing techniques and taught her how she could use it to drive sales for her business.
Hear more about our collaborative process from Sabrina

Jessica Sanchez

Color Pop Print Studios

We focused on business development, production, marketing, and customer experience when creating a strategic system for Jessica’s business. Our system gave Jessica the knowledge to know exactly where her leads were coming from, have systems in place that onboarded and informed her customers, and the peace of mind in knowing that she found consistency in her business.
Hear more about our collaborative process from Jessica

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Not ready to take the leap and want to try marketing on your own? It’s totally possible to create winning online campaigns with the right tools. Which is why I created The CMO Toolbox. 6 of the best digital tools I use when working with my CMO clients. 

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