Who is Shampaigne?

Your Marketing Partner in Crime

Shampaigne Graves is a marketing and events producers with over four years of experience helping 200+ small to medium firms start and grow their companies through unique marketing and sales funnels. The self proclaimed “Princess of Small Business,” Shampaigne started her own nationally recognized business, Bold Babes Companies, in 2018 with just an initial $20 investment.

Sabrina Bier, R Squared Marketing Solutions

Jessica Sanchez, The Color Pop Print Studio

“The Queen of business. May be small now but one day it’ll be everything. Her strategy brain is unparalleled.”

Jewels Clark, Creative Director

“Shampaigne is the quintessential creative professional. Always high energy and ready to execute on any project she undertakes. I’ve enjoyed working with her on a few projects and she never disappoints. I highly recommend her for anything related to communications, marketing and entrepreneurship.”

Chanelle Yarber, Entrepreneur

“Shampaigne has a quick turnaround for visuals and graphic designs for marketing and advertising I am pleased to recommend Shampaigne and confident that she will be a wonderful asset in any organization.”

Ashley Holt, Higher Education Professional

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Event Marketing Coaching

What does Event Marketing Coaching Do?

  • Event Strategy: Work together with Shampaigne to carve out clear strategic goals for your business events.

  • Market Strategy: Work with Shampaigne to analyze your firm’s current marketing strategy and how to create a deliberate event lead generation strategy to gain more customers in your industry.

  • Group Outreach Training: Have an established corporate outreach team and want to maximize their efforts?


Business Strategy Consulting

Gain a Trusted Partner in Your Business

  • Product Development: Work with Shampaigne to map out your product pricing, branding, content, and market differentiation
  • Marketing Channel Development: Establish or Expand your marketing funnel, Find out where you’ll marketing, and how you’ll market
  • Customer Experience Development: You are nothing without your customers so working with Shampaigne to create the best possible experience for them is vital to retaining your current clients while making new ones.
  • Operational Development: Get a system that works for you and your growing team


Basic Sales Funnel Creation

Done for You Solution to Capturing Online Leads

  • Email Marketing Setup: Shampaigne will work with your current provider or help you source one to save your email leads.
  • Automation Setup: Customers will immediately receive your promised result without you lifting a finger.
  • Landing Page Creation: Shampaigne will create a landing page with your brand’s likeness on the platform of your choice.
  • Funnel Walkthrough: Walkthrough the steps of your funnel one by one with Shampaigne after setup to ensure that your funnel is always properly working after the funnel is created.


Event Marketing Packages

Create a Memorable Event with Measurable Results

Package I

  • Event Strategy Consult: Work together with Shampaigne to carve out clear strategic goals for your event
  • Event Strategy Slide Deck: Get an easy to understand outline of the proposed event audience, stakeholders, branding, and KPIs
  • Stakeholder Operation Plan: A step by step guide for your event managers leading up to and on the day of your event
  • Basic Branding Package: Event Poster, Social media Graphic, and Landing page copy

Package II

  • Upgraded Branding Package: Event Poster, Social media Graphic, Landing page copy, Branded hashtags, Attendee Email series, and Social captions
  • Brand Leverage Plan: New and developing brands can leverage the audiences of both Shampaigne’s personal and professional brands for wider event outreach
  • Sponsorship Strategy: Looking to bring other brands on board for cost sharing? Shampaigne can help facilitate and coach businesses through securing these connections
  • Event Analysis: Get measured results and outcomes from your event

Starting at $450


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I started this blog in May of 2017 as a mental health journal after experiencing the loss of my best friend. Soon this simple blog chronicling my hectic, wild and unbelievable life, transformed into a vehicle that has allowed me to do influencer work with small businesses all over the country, launch my free lance writing career, and establish my voice in the world.

My content is about the honest journey of taking the ultimate leap of faith and investing in yourself. Being a person who wants to live outside the box, and forge a path uniquely their own comes with tough obstacles. There will be issues such as self-limiting beliefs, financial setbacks and credibility challenges that will arise. However, if you do the hard work of crafting a brand, finding a tribe and setting goals, your vision will actualize itself.

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