Your Marketing Partner in Crime

The Profitable Way for New and Developing Businesses to Maximize their Marketing Efforts

Here’s a Secret: Online ads aren’t the easiest or the cheapest way to market your business even if you don’t have a storefront.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re overwhelmed with social media.

You want to build authority as a leader but don’t know how.

You’re tired of posting online to crickets.

You’re spending more and converting less with online ads.

You’re ready to meet your people offline.

Converting leads is like pulling teeth.

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The truth is that it’s the lack of clarity in your marketing strategy that’s causing you to lose TIME and MONEY.

Imagine if you could….

Be Branded as an established leader in your industry.

Have authentic conversations online with your ideal customer every time you post.

Gain opportunities to sale your products and services through storytelling.

Be confident in knowing every lead in your funnel is HOT and ready to buy.


The Solution for New and Growing Businesses that Want to Make more Money with Their Marketing!

Before working with me many of my clients were wasting thousands of dollars on marketing efforts that got them little to no leads in their sales funnel. That is, if they had a funnel at all.

Like my client, Sabrina. When she came to me expressing that she wanted to build a course and coaching program for her real estate business I immediately asked her if she had a way of capturing leads in place.

Sabrina had never heard of an automated funnel and had no idea how to build one using online software programs. I worked with her to walk through the funnel creation process by beginning with finding out what she wanted her client to “do” when they engaged with her content; which was give Sabrina their emails.

After that we figured out what her client was doing we figured out that her clients valued their private information and would only exchange their emails for something value. Consulting with Sabrina, we created her lead magnet; a content posting guide for real estate professionals.

Learn more about Sabrina’s experience working with me below.

Sabrina Bier, R Squared Marketing Solutions

Long Story Short, Sabrina’s problem wasn’t unique. Many professionals who have developed successful marketing plans offline know that automated sales funnels are needed to take them to the next level. They just don’t know how to build or work with them.

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