Every Day Makeup Routine

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that this is just a revamped version of my original post. And if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories then you know I’m not a beauty guru. I’ve stumbled into the world of fashion, beauty and skincare routines on accident. I have extremely dry skin that has become more sensitive with age so I’ve never felt the need to do much else to my skin other than wash it with soap and water (I know that’s terrible). Needless to say, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to the application of makeup and my routine is still pretty light compared to others. However, with experimentation and time I’ve come to rely on a few brands and products that I’m going to share with you guys in this post. All of the products are linked in my Amazon Store and you can always shop there to keep up to date with my favorite beauty, wellness, and tech products.


So I start off by washing my face with a moisturizing cleanser because I have DRY skin. Then I use this primer  to get my skin matte, and extra moisturized.


I only use a dime size amount, and this melts so a little goes a long way.


So I picked up this brow wax/filler set from seva I tend to use a small amount of wax and brow powder because I have naturally thick brows.  Edit: I now use this brow filler set from NYX but I still use the technique listed below to fill my brows.


I use the two sided brush in the set and brush my brows with the wax before shaping and lining with the powder and setting each brow with an additional swipe of wax.


I like to do a “concealer only” look so I start with my Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Truffle. Edit: I have linked this deep match stix set although I’ve bought my match sticks seperately.  (Truffle, Espresso, Cinnamon)


I don’t really have many problems with my skin outside of it being dry so I just conceal small blemishes and light spots of hyperpigmentation on my face.


I use a generic blender ball that I picked up from CVS. To give the matte formula a little more fluidity, I always wet my ball before lightly pressing the concealer into my skin. Edit: I have linked this blender ball that is most similar to the one I use.

To contour I use the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Espresso. I gently swipe the stick on the hollows of my cheeks and right above my brow line. After that I use the same technique as my concealer to blend.

To highlight I use the Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stix in Sinamon. I highlight the apples of my cheeks going up into my hairline as well as the tip of my nose and my brows. I use the same technique to blend.


I like to use a cream blush and this one by NYX is one of my favorites. I apply a small amount to the apples of my cheeks in a circular motion then using the underside of my finger I swipe up into my hairline. Edit: Unfortunately NYX has discontinued this line. But this is a great dupe from MAC.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys I got this from a lady selling makeup on the side of the road but it is my forever favorite glitz highlighter. The glow I get is amazing with this thing. I use the attached brush to swipe from the apples of my cheeks into my hairline. Edit: I have found an almost exact dupe to the shimmer highlight brush I use. Which is great for whenever I finally run out of glitter.


I have pretty long lashes so I’m usually looking for volume in my mascaras. This Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof mascara does the trick.


I usually do two to three swipes for my upper lashes and one swipe for my lower lashes.


I usually don’t do a lippie for my everyday looks but I will do a nice gloss. This butter gloss from NYX in Merengue is light and fun.


To set, I use NYX Dewy Finishing Spray. It really settles my makeup, even when I go crazy on my highlighter.

And it’s all done. What are your every day makeup products? Leave a comment below and give ya girl some the hookup!

-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)



How to cover up a swimsuit of any neckline

When your summers are spent in Texas, you find some pretty creative ways to stay in your swimsuit all day. For the rare times when you actually have to leave your tanning chair and emerge from the chlorine filled waters of your private or community pool, I have crafted this guide to help you cover up even the most unusual of bathing suits.



This loophole top and mid-rise shorts are the perfect cover up for a classic cut bikini. If you have a few errands to run or an impromptu lunch date, you can dress this outfit up or down with accessories.



Choose a nice head wrap to make that pool hair fashionable, don your most comfortable pair of heels and shed the extra layers once you’re done for the day. Classic bikini cuts are easy to cover up because they mimic the neckline of traditional bras. If you’re uncomfortable baring your midsection; try a nonbinding cotton tee.



If one piece suits are your usual trend, then go for a more formal coverup.


The one piece backless suit I’m wearing not only goes great with this slightly transparent cover dress but when paired with the right accessories (like a strappy heel and statement necklace) can be a perfectly acceptable dinner or date ensemble.



One pieces usually come in scoop or v-cut necklines so the neckline of the dress you choose should match that of your suit. It must also be noted that bathroom breaks should he well strategized before choosing your one piece coverup given that your “exit” more than likely will be tied behind your neck and not zipped and buttoned.




Swimsuits with unusual necklines like this caged one, in my opinion, can’t be covered up so taking the traditional “just add bottoms” route is best.


I paired my suit with one of my favorite pairs of joggers. You can also try a high rise linen pant or mid-calf Capri. The theme here is comfort.


These tips are great for planning travel apparel for your summer vacation. Believe it or not, you’re actually required to wear a shirt in some of the restaurants on your resort. Whether you plan to spend your summer by the pool in Dallas, Texas or Tulum, Mexico you can always find a tasteful and appropriate coverup for your favorite summer swimsuits.


-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)