Millennial Maven: Dashley Wilson

Dashley Wilson has used her legacy of creativity to craft her digital media empire. Wilson brings her unique eye and perspective to all the artistic projects she undertakes as a production coordinator, photographer and magazine editor.


A woman of many titles, Dashley isn’t afraid to put in the work to make her visions successful. When asked what sweat equity she has invested her career, Wilson stated that in addition to clocking in an average of 80 hours per week and working on personal development skills, she also utilizes her platform to bring awareness to mental health issues.

Wilson has battled with her mental health for most of her life but she firmly believes that her diagnoses don’t define her trajectory.

“I’ve learned how to let trauma roll off of me. I’ve learned how not to let trauma become who I am.” – Dashley Wilson, Digital Dashh Magazine


A belief that shines through in her work for her magazine, Digital Dashh. Dashley not only addresses her own battle through thought-provoking and honest articles on the subject but through her photography work for the magazine of which she completes by herself. Her dad passed on the passion for capturing life through a lens, and she has made it her mission to carry on his legacy through the love they both shared for the craft.


“I’m challenging the norm. I want to remind people that the possibilities are endless in life.” – Dashley Wilson, Digital Dashh Magazine

Dashley is a true maven, who is creating her own lane through her unique life experience. Having always been a bright child, she recalls being invited to advanced photography courses in her adolescence. Traveling, culture, and diversity were all stables in her childhood; allowing Wilson to create extraordinary vision through the stories she tells on Digital Dashh. Dashley’s hopes are to educate and inspire the world through her career endeavors.


To learn more about Dashley Willson , or her magazine, Digital Dashh follow her on Instagram @digitaldashh and email me at to become my next Millennial Maven.

-Shampaigne Graves, CPC Creator of The Healthy Shampy Blog (2)



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